Energy Support

Monitoring Your System

With the Tesla app, you can monitor and manage your Solar Roof in addition to your other Tesla products. Download the Tesla app and start monitoring your Solar Roof energy production and performance over a given time period.

For some Solar Roof installations, you have access to full home energy monitoring for home usage and grid consumption. Learn more about leveraging energy data, impact cards and power flows using the Tesla app. The Tesla app experience for Solar Roof with Powerwall provides you with additional control modes, features and insightful system data.

Getting Started with the Tesla App

Once your utility grants you permission to operate (PTO) your Solar Roof system, we will send you an email confirming that you can activate your system and begin using the Tesla app. In order to log in, you will need the following:

Email Address: Use the same email address in which you received our activation confirmation email.

Password: To set up a password, select ‘Forgot Password’ in the Tesla app. To reset your password, follow these steps. If you experience issues resetting your password, contact us.