Energy Support

Monitoring Your System

How do I download and set up the Tesla mobile app?

The Tesla app is available on the iTunes and Google Play stores. You can download the Tesla mobile app from your regular app store on your device. Log in using your Tesla account information and you will see all your Tesla products in one place.

What is the Power Flow in the app?

Power Flow shows real time power generated from your Solar Roof, stored/discharged by Powerwall, used by your home, and exported/imported from the grid. You will have real-time visibility into your home energy system.

How do I see energy usage history?

From the Power Flow screen, select any power source, or the bar chart icon on the top right, to access the graph page. From there you can select 'Today' to change the time period and access more data.

I also have Powerwall, how can I change its operating mode?

From the Powerwall home screen, select Customize. From here you can select your mode of operation. Use Backup-Only mode if you would like to keep all of Powerwall's capacity for a utility outage, or Self-Powered if you would like to store excess solar energy for use at night. When in Self-Powered mode, you can scroll down to set your backup reserve to keep a portion of Powerwall capacity for a utility outage. For a balance of backup protection and a Self-Powered home, try setting your backup reserve so that your Powerwall reaches full charge just as the sun is setting each day.

Is there a website where I can monitor my system from my desktop computer?

At this time, you can only monitor your system via the Tesla mobile app.

Why does the Tesla mobile app show power flows/values that appear inaccurate?

Power flow shows the instantaneous flow of power of your home energy system. On a typical day a combination of solar, grid, and Powerwall may be powering your home. Solar energy may flow to the grid when your home does not need it and Powerwall is full. When charging your Powerwall to its backup reserve level or in Backup-only mode, solar power will flow directly from solar to Powerwall while grid energy is drawn for the home.