Model Y Ordering FAQ

Order and Delivery

How do I order a Model Y?
Order your Model Y from the Design Studio or learn more about the features and capabilities.

How much does it cost to place an order for Model Y?
The cost to place an order for Model Y is $100 USD non-refundable order fee. The full payment for the total cost of your car will be collected at delivery.

What payment options are available for Model Y orders?
Credit card can be used for the non-refundable order fee to place your order. Accepted methods of final payment for your Model Y are cash and loan.

Can I edit or cancel my Model Y order?
You can edit your Model Y order or request a full refund, if eligible, in your Tesla Account.

I’m ready to take delivery of my Model Y. How do I get started?
We’ll invite you to confirm your delivery availability. Once complete, we’ll notify you when you can log into your Tesla Account and complete the delivery checkout steps such as completing the registration, trade-in and financing information in your account. Learn more about what you can expect at delivery.

I was expecting to take delivery in 2021 and may not be ready for delivery now. What are my options?
Delivery timing is entirely up to you. However, options, features and hardware are always subject to availability and may change.

Pricing and Design

Can I edit my design from my Tesla Account?
Yes. You can edit your design from your Tesla Account. Note that the current pricing and options may be different from when you placed your order.

Some options I added to my pre-order are now standard. Can I update my configuration to take advantage of the lower pricing?
There is no need to edit your design from your Tesla Account. Options that have been made standard on Model Y, such as Autopilot and white paint, will be included in your design and removed from the overall cost of your car automatically if originally configured.

Autopilot is now standard, but I did not configure it originally. Can I update my design to take advantage of the lower pricing?
There is no need to update your design. Standard Autopilot will be included automatically.

The wheel options have changed since I placed my pre-order. What wheel options will I receive on my car?
For Model Y pre-orders placed on or before January 29, 2020, we have adjusted your configuration to the new wheel equivalent at no cost to you.

Can I still receive my original wheel configuration or adjust my updated configuration?
We have adjusted your wheels to the new wheel equivalent. Long Range All-Wheel Drive customers can upgrade your wheels from the 19” to the 20” wheels, subject to current pricing. The 18” wheels will be unavailable for Model Y and will not be produced.

Performance Upgrade Package will include the 21” Überturbine Wheels.

What is the difference between a Performance car and adding on the Performance Upgrade Package?
The Performance Upgrade Package is option gives your Model Y a sportier look and feel — inclusive of red brake calipers, 21” Überturbine wheels, an increased top speed and lowered suspension for peak performance handling.

Will I receive Premium Connectivity on my Model Y?
All orders of Model Y with Premium Interior will include a one-year Premium Connectivity trial beginning from the date of delivery, with the option to subscribe once the trial is over.

Will I be eligible to receive incentives for purchasing Model Y?
You may be eligible for local tax incentives when you accept delivery of your Model Y.


What markets is Model Y available in?
Model Y is available to order in all of North America, China and parts of Europe.

Where can I test drive or see Model Y?
We will share more information about how you can experience Model Y soon. Sign up for the Tesla newsletter to receive the latest news, events, and product updates.

When will Model Y production begin?
We recommend checking the Model Y design studio for your region’s most up-to-date production estimates. Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive is not scheduled for production at this time.

What charging options are available for Model Y?
Model Y comes with the same home charging options as all Tesla cars, including the standard hardware required to access our global Supercharger network.