Return Policy

Terms and Conditions

  • Owning a Tesla vehicle means you are driving one of the most advanced, best performing and safest vehicles available. We are confident that you will feel great about your new vehicle, and so are giving you time to experience and enjoy your new Tesla. Subject to the terms and conditions of this policy, if you are unhappy with your vehicle, you may return it to us within the specified time periods below.
  • The standard return period is one (1) calendar day after delivery. If you have taken delivery of your vehicle without ever having taken a test or demo drive with us, we understand that you may want additional time to get to know your vehicle. In that case, you will have three (3) calendar days after delivery to return your vehicle, subject to the terms and conditions of this policy.
  • We will accept your vehicle for return if the vehicle:
    • Has an odometer mileage of less than 500 miles at the time of return;
    • Has a New Vehicle Limited Warranty for the vehicle that has not been voided;
    • Has not been the subject of any submission or application for any available incentives or perks;
    • Is in new condition, without damage or abnormal wear and tear; and
    • Has not been resold or transferred to any person or entity.
  • To return the vehicle, you will need to deliver the vehicle (including all original equipment and any parts and accessories that came with the vehicle, including the mobile connector kit) to us at a Tesla Sales or Delivery Location (or other location that we agree to), and complete a vehicle inspection, all within the applicable time periods:
    • Standard return: By the end of the first (1st) calendar day following the delivery date.
    • If you took delivery of your vehicle without having taken a test or demo drive with us: By the end of the third (3rd) calendar day following the delivery date.
  • Once you have returned your vehicle, the return process is final and may not be cancelled. At this time, we are not able to facilitate vehicle exchanges. If you decide to order another vehicle, it will be processed as a new order and thus subject to current pricing, configurations and programs.
  • You will remain responsible for any fees or charges that may later become due while the vehicle was in your possession, such as unpaid tickets and citations or applicable property taxes. If you acquired your vehicle with a lessor or lender, you may be responsible for additional fees or charges required by your lessor or lender in order to reverse the transaction. In addition to returning the vehicle, you will need to ensure title to the vehicle is transferred to Tesla free and clear of any liens.
  • If you traded in a vehicle as part of your original transaction, you will not receive that trade-in vehicle back, though we will refund you the applied trade-in value as part of your return. If you had negative equity in your trade-in vehicle, you may need to pay us an additional amount to cover the negative equity.
  • If you acquired your vehicle through a third party lessor or lender, you may have other terms or conditions in your lease or financing agreement, which are outside of our control. This return policy may not apply in such situations depending on the agreement between you and your third party lessor or lender.
  • This return policy is intended to give you confidence in your purchase of a Tesla vehicle, and so is in addition to any other rights you may have under applicable law.