Solar Panel Warranty

How long can I expect my new solar panel system to last?

Tesla installs solar panel systems to be durable and effective over the long term. Testing by outside researchers has shown that solar panels installed by Tesla have a useful life of 35 years. You should review your Warranty Agreement for detailed information about the coverage of your system over time.

What is included in my warranty?

Review your Warranty Agreement for the exact details on coverage of your system.

Is my solar panel system insured? 

Tesla provides insurance to Lease or Power Purchase Agreement solar customers and will repair system damages, assuming the damage was not caused by negligence or intentional harm to the equipment. For Cash or Solar Loan customers, Tesla does not insure the system. This can typically be done by the homeowner through homeowner’s insurance. Nonetheless, all Tesla solar systems do have specified maintenance and performance warranties. Please review your contract for full details.