Energy Support

What to Know About Scheduling Service

Tesla offers different support resources to help you manage your energy products. If you have not received Permission to Operate (PTO) from your utility, you can get support by contacting your Project Advisor in your Tesla Account. If you have received PTO and have safely turned on your system, you can get support, including troubleshooting your Powerwall, solar panels or Solar Roof through your Tesla Account or the Tesla app.

The Tesla app allows you to quickly identify and, when possible, resolve any issues you may have with your energy product. This includes receiving next steps and additional contact information, including live chat support if self-troubleshooting steps do not resolve your concern. Tesla’s Customer Support team will complete additional troubleshooting steps with you. If service work is deemed necessary, the Customer Support team will create a case and send it to our Service team to create an appointment for a site visit.

Learn more on how to get help in the Tesla app.

Types of Service Work

The Service team’s mission is to train and develop a team of photovoltaic and energy storage field Service Technicians, providing expert service and support for the life of the system agreement. Service work on your solar system falls into one of the following categories:

  • Maintenance
  • Service

Crew Maintenance

Crew Maintenance work involves the following:

  • Removal & reinstallation
  • Rooftop solar investigation 
  • Solar panel performance troubleshooting

Note: Appointments for Crew Maintenance work can last anywhere from six hours to two days in duration.

Field Service

Field Service work involves the following:

  • Equipment troubleshooting
  • Product RMA
  • Product investigation

Note: Appointments for Field Service work usually last two hours in duration.

Managing Your Service Appointments

The Tesla app, in addition to providing seamless monitoring of system performance and historical production data, allows you to manage your service appointments including scheduling, rescheduling and canceling an appointment. Consider the following when scheduling service:

  • When scheduling service, you will be presented with the soonest available appointment in your area based on resource availability.
  • You will receive an email and text confirmation with your appointment, date, time and duration. Learn more on how to see the status of your appointment in the Tesla app.
  • Additionally, you will receive an email seven days prior to the appointment, with actions you will need to take to prepare for the appointment. There will be a final reminder the day prior to your appointment.

How to Prepare for a Site Visit

Once your service appointment has been confirmed, our technician will arrive, on the predetermined service date, to perform service work on your system. Upon arrival, the technician will attempt to contact you. If they are unable to access your system, we will reschedule your appointment for a later date. Consider the following before your scheduled appointment to ensure a seamless process for both you and the technician:

Interior Access

  • If the equipment is located in your home, we require someone 18 or older to be home for the entirety of the visit.

Exterior Access

  • If the equipment is located outside of the home, nobody is required to be home. If the inverter is located behind a locked gate, make sure it is unlocked to give our technician access.

Other Preparations

  • Clear your driveway and the area around your electrical equipment prior to your service visit. This may include removing or trimming back trees or bushes to provide our technicians safe access when on site.
  • Ensure no other contractors or workers will be on site during your service visit. We cannot perform our service work if other workers are on site.
  • Keep children and pets away from the work area for their safety.