Energy Support

Turning On Your System

After your Solar Roof is installed, we will provide you with instructions to turn on your system once it is safe to do so. Follow the instructions below to turn on your system and begin generating clean energy.


Step 1: Locate your main electrical service panel.

Step 2: Flip on breakers labeled ‘Solar Roof,’ ‘PV’ or ‘Photovolatic Backfeed.’

Step 3: If equipped, flip on your external disconnect.

Step 4: Turn on your inverter. If needed, sign in to your Tesla Account to view troubleshooting instructions for your specific model.

Step 5: Download the Tesla app on your smartphone.

Step 6: Connect the Solar Gateway to your home router using the included Ethernet cable.

Step 7: Plug in your Solar Gateway with the provided power supply. The power light will glow.

Step 8: If you see a ‘Weak Signal’ notification, move the unit closer to the Tesla Solar Inverter.

Step 9: Use the Tesla app to follow your energy production in real time. It may take up to an hour before production is visible.