Energy Support

Transferring Ownership of Your Powerwall

If you are selling your home with a solar system and Powerwall installed by Tesla, follow the steps outlined on the Transferring Ownership of Your Solar System page to initiate the process of transferring ownership.

Transferring Ownership of Your System

For a home with only Powerwall installed or with a solar system and Powerwall installed by a non-Tesla entity (third party), follow the steps below to transfer ownership.

For Buyers

Contact our Customer Support team with:

  • A copy of the Transfer Deed with the name of the new homeowner of the home where Powerwall is installed
  • A photograph of the sticker on Tesla Backup/Non-Backup Gateway and all Powerwalls

Note: The transfer can only be processed after the home sale transaction is complete and the new homeowner contacts Tesla.

For Sellers

Ask the new homeowner to contact Tesla after the transaction is complete.