Energy Support

Roof Complexity

To calculate your final Solar Roof pricing, we need to determine your roof complexity. We do this by evaluating the construction of your roof to see how it may impact your installation.

Complexity Factors

Once you place your Solar Roof order, we will schedule an on-site assessment to determine the complexity of your installation. We consider factors such as your roof’s mounting planes, pitch and obstructions.

Mounting Planes

Example has 4 roof mounting planes.

Each facet of your roof is considered a different mounting plane. The more planes, the higher the complexity.


Example has a 4/12 roof pitch.

We calculate your roof’s pitch by looking at the number of inches each mounting plane rises vertically for every 12 inches it extends horizontally.


Example has one chimney and three skylights.

Any component that interrupts the roof plane is considered an obstruction. This includes chimneys, skylights, vents and fans.

Customized for Your Home

After you place your Solar Roof order, you will be prompted to upload a recent utility bill. This, in addition to our on-site visit, helps us customize your design and system size to meet your home’s energy needs.