Energy Support

Monitoring Your System

The Tesla app provides you with a seamless experience to monitor your solar system’s performance and historical production over a given time period. Download the Tesla app to start monitoring your solar panel energy production.

Some solar panel systems have full home energy monitoring for home usage and grid consumption — learn more about energy data, impact cards and power flows in the Tesla app. If you already own Powerwall, the Tesla app experience for solar panels with Powerwall gives you access to additional features, control modes and insightful data.

Getting Started with the Tesla App

Once your utility grants you Permission to Operate (PTO) your system, we will send you an email confirming that you can activate your system and begin using the Tesla app. In order to log in, you will need the following:

Email Address: Use the same email address in which you received our activation confirmation email.

Password: To set up a password, select ‘Forgot Password’ in the Tesla app. To reset your password, follow these steps. If you experience issues resetting your password, contact us.

Solar System Connectivity

For systems installed with a Tesla Solar Inverter, the inverter is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, allowing the system to communicate solar production.

Solar system connectivity

For systems installed with a third-party solar inverter, a Tesla Gateway is provided at installation to connect to the internet and provide solar production monitoring. The Gateway connects to your home network via an Ethernet cable and communicates with your solar inverter wirelessly. Additional instructions for installing your Solar Gateway can be reviewed in the Owner’s Manual for your system.

Frequently Asked Questions About Monitoring Your Solar System

What do I do if I lose solar monitoring?

For systems installed with a Tesla Solar Inverter, check that the inverter is powered on and connected to your home router or internet modem. If the Tesla Solar Inverter loses its internet connection, follow the troubleshooting steps to change network settings.

For systems installed with a third-party solar inverter, check that the solar Gateway provided with your Tesla solar system is powered on and connected to your home router or internet modem. It should also be within range of your solar inverter. If you see a 'Weak Signal' notification, move the Gateway closer to your solar inverter until the notification disappears or follow troubleshooting steps for support.


Can I monitor my solar system from my desktop?

Tesla provides the Tesla app for system monitoring and does not provide desktop or web-based monitoring. While monitoring is only available in your Tesla app, your Tesla Account is available to manage billing details and view documents and information from the ordering process. You’re also able to find access to additional support articles. To access your Tesla Account from the mobile app, simply tap the menu in the top-right corner of your home screen. Tap the icon in the top-right corner to access support articles related to your Tesla Account.


Why can I not see my products on the Tesla app?

To see your energy products, make sure to sign in using your Tesla Account email associated with your order. If you do not see your Tesla energy products, try signing out and signing back in to refresh the product list.