Monitoring Your System

Once your Tesla solar system has been successfully activated, everything you need to know about your system’s performance will be accessible in the Tesla app. The Tesla app provides you with a seamless experience for all of your Tesla products, allowing you to easily manage your products from anywhere. If you already have the Tesla app for your car, use the same email address when registering your Energy products.

Energy Usage screen in the app

My Home

The My Home screen allows for real-time monitoring of your solar energy production. Energy production typically peaks during the early afternoon, when the sun provides the greatest exposure to your solar panels. In the evening, your solar system will go into night mode to conserve energy until the panels can resume production during daylight hours.

Historical energy production can easily be viewed by selecting between the daily, weekly, monthly or yearly production. Simply click on the date above the graph to modify the time period.

View more app features that are available for solar panels that are combined with a Powerwall.

Tesla Solar Gateway

A Tesla Gateway is provided at installation to connect to the internet and provide solar production monitoring. The Gateway connects to your home network via an Ethernet cable and communicates with your solar inverter wirelessly. Additional instructions for installing your Solar Gateway can be reviewed in the Owner’s Manual for your system.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Monitoring


Do I need to have Permission To Operate (PTO) from my electric utility to see my production?

Yes. Tesla will notify you that you can turn on your system when you receive permission to operate from your electric utility. Once your system is producing energy, you will be able to see solar production in your Tesla app.

What do I do if I lose solar monitoring?

Check that the solar Gateway provided with your Tesla solar system is powered on and connected to your home router or internet modem. It should also be within range of your solar inverter. If you see WEAK SIGNAL notification, move the Gateway closer to your solar inverter until the notification disappears or follow troubleshooting steps for support.

Can I monitor my solar system from my desktop?

Tesla provides the Tesla app for system monitoring and does not provide desktop or web-based monitoring. While monitoring is only available in your Tesla app, your Tesla Account allows you to manage billing details, view documents and information from the order process and provides access to additional support articles. To access your Tesla Account from the mobile app, simply click on the gear in the upper left corner and select “Get Support?”

Where can I download the Tesla app?

You can download the Tesla app for iOS or Android devices.

Why can I not see my products on the Tesla app?

To see your energy products, make sure to login using your Tesla Account email associated with your order. If you do not see your Tesla energy products, try navigating to SETTINGS > SWITCH PRODUCTS and swipe down to refresh the list. Alternatively, logging out and logging back in will refresh the product list as well.