Energy Support

How to Find a Certified Installer

Tesla works with trained Certified Installers to install our home energy and charging products. Depending on where you live and your products of interest, you can purchase and/or install with a Tesla Certified Installer. Enter your zip code or address into the search bar to find installers in your area.

Purchasing Solar Roof

If you live in an area where Tesla provides service for Solar Roof, purchase Solar Roof online and a Tesla crew will install your Solar Roof.

If you live in a territory where Tesla does not provide service directly, you have the option to purchase and install with a Tesla Certified Installer. These Certified Installers purchase Solar Roof from Tesla and are responsible for installing and providing any future service that may be required.

Purchasing Powerwall

Depending on where you live, you can purchase and/or install your Powerwall with a Tesla Certified Installer.

Once you’ve placed your order and your order includes equipment delivery only, find a Certified Installer supporting 'Installation Only.' If Tesla does not ship to or provide service in your area directly, you can purchase your Powerwall with a Certified Installer supporting 'Purchase and Install.'

Purchasing Wall Connector

You can purchase Wall Connector online through the Tesla Shop, and have it installed by a Tesla Certified Installer.