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Tesla Backup Switch

Utilities throughout the U.S. have experienced unprecedented reliability challenges over the past several years. Extreme weather conditions resulting in longer grid outages have left hundreds of thousands of customers without power for days at a time. In response to this reality, and the resulting increase in demand for backup power, we have developed Tesla Backup Switch.

Tesla Backup Switch is a new component in the Tesla Powerwall system that facilitates backup power functionality by quickly and safely disconnecting your home from the grid when a power outage is detected. The system then automatically shifts your home’s energy use to backup power from your Powerwall.

Backup Switch can be installed in whole home backup systems, not in partial backup systems. Tesla Backup Switch may not be approved by some utilities.

Tesla Powerwall and Backup Switch

Why Backup Switch

  • Whole Home Backup by Design: Backup Switch is designed to augment your home’s existing meter panel with a simple to install product that disconnects your whole home during grid outages
  • Sleek Aesthetics: Backup Switch slips seamlessly behind your utility meter and can be installed with fewer additional electrical components compared to standard Powerwall installations
  • Faster Powerwall Installation: Use of Tesla Backup Switch cuts Powerwall installation time from up to ten hours down to about one hour – this results in customer savings on the installation budget
  • Avoids Extensive Rewiring: For homes where the utility meter is plugged into the main panel box, whole home backup requires the relocation of every load circuit out of the original main panel and into a new backup load panel – this unnecessary work and an additional panel on the wall are avoided by using Backup Switch

Product Details


Tesla Backup Switch is designed to simplify installation of your Powerwall system. It plugs into your meter socket panel, with the meter plugging directly into the Backup Switch. Within the Backup Switch housing, the contactor controls your system’s connection to the grid. The controller provides energy usage monitoring, providing you with precise, real-time data of your home’s energy consumption.

Tesla Backup Switch Side and Front Image

Backup Switch Installation

See how quickly a system with Backup Switch can be installed compared to a system with Backup Gateway.

Safety and Reliability

Safety is of paramount importance. Backup Switch is part of Tesla’s energy storage system which is designed to provide backup power to the home. Tesla’s energy storage system and Backup Switch meet the following relevant safety requirements:

  • IEEE 1547 intentional and unintentional islanding
  • UL 1741 Power Control Systems (PCS)
  • UL 414, UL 2735 and UL 916 safety standards
  • Certified for use with any meter socket at full rate capacity of 200 A

We understand that reliable operation of this device is critical to customer experience and to the availability of electrical service. Tesla Backup Switch is designed for a service life of 21 years and is designed with the same reliability standards and experience accumulated from 100,000+ Powerwalls deployed globally. 

For more information on operating your system with Backup Switch, see the Owner’s Manual for your system.