Energy Support

Process Overview

Buying solar panels from Tesla is fast and simple. We use an online and virtual process to provide you the best value system and fastest time to installation. After you place an order, you can contact us by text, or by email or phone through your Tesla Account – otherwise we will let you know when your installation is ready to be scheduled.

  • Step 1: Order Online
    Place an order online. We recommend the system that will maximize your savings based on your average electricity usage and your address, or you can increase the size of your system if you expect to be adding an electric vehicle in the future.
  • Step 2: Virtual Home Assessment
    Log into your Tesla Account to provide preferences for your solar layout, finalize your design and track your installation progress. We use high resolution aerial and satellite imagery to create your design.

    We will create a solar design considering highest production, layout aesthetics and your feedback from the Virtual Home Assessment.

    We will work with your local city to file permits for your system. Depending on your location, this may take from 2 to 6 weeks.
  • Step 3: Installation
    When your system is ready to install, you can choose a date. Installation is finished the same day for most systems, and you only need to be at the house during the first hour. Systems installed with Powerwall+ will be activated and configured to Self-Consumption Only mode after installation.

    We will work with your local building department to arrange for an inspection after installation is completed.

    Utility Approval:
    If your system includes a Powerwall+, it will be configured to Self-Consumption Only mode while we work with your local utility company to receive Permission to Operate (PTO) your system.
  • Step 4: Power On!
    We will notify you when it is safe to turn on your system.