Energy Support

How to Order Tesla Solar Panels

Start Your Order

Place an order by simply entering your home address and average electric bill to view recommendations for solar panels, Solar Roof and Powerwall. Select ‘Solar Panels’ to continue your order.

If Tesla does not provide service in your area directly, you may be able to place an order where solar panels are installed through Tesla Certified Installers. If your address is out of territory, you can reserve solar and Powerwall. We will notify you when Tesla energy products are available in your area.

Note: Only one electric bill is required when entering your average electric bill.

Select System Size

Select your preferred system size. System sizes are suggested based on your current energy consumption. If you have plans to add an electric vehicle or expand your home, you can also view suggested system size based on your future needs for your home. You can also enter a custom solar size to compare estimates.

Select Powerwall

Complete your Tesla ecosystem by selecting the number of Powerwalls in your order. Powerwall is designed to integrate with your home, further reduce reliance on grid power, optimize your energy use for savings and provide protection against power outages. Select ‘Help Me Choose’ to view how long your Powerwall backup will last in an outage based on the number of Powerwalls you pair with your order.

Review Payment and Incentives

Review your payment and incentives details before placing your order. Pay a deposit to place your order. The deposit goes towards your order and is refundable until you accept the design of your solar system. All installation costs are included in the final price. Compare cash and financing options and select your preferred payment option. Learn more about additional energy incentives.

Note: Main panel upgrades (MPUs), if needed, are not included in the final price.

Finalize Your Order

Once you place an order online, sign in to your Tesla Account to complete the required next steps including uploading your utility bill. Our Design team uses your utility bill and satellite imagery of your property to design a system to meet your energy needs. When your design is ready, you can confirm your payment details, make changes or schedule a consultation in your Tesla Account.