Energy Support

How to Order Tesla Solar Panels

  • Start Your Order
    Place an order by simply entering your installation address and average utility bill to view recommendations for solar panels and Powerwalls.
  • Select System Size
    Our solar panel guide allows you to review all size options and modify your order based on your preference for maximizing savings and energy production. To access the solar panel guide, click 'Edit' under your recommended system size in the righthand panel.
  • Select Powerwall
    Complete your Tesla ecosystem by selecting the number of Powerwalls in your order. Powerwall is designed to integrate seamlessly with your home, further reducing reliance on utility power and providing protection against power outages. Our Powerwall guide allows you to select your system size based on the appliances in your home and maximize your backup duration.
  • Review Payment and Incentives
    Review your payment and incentives details before placing your order. All installation costs are included in the final price. Federal and local incentives can also be reviewed, ensuring you can select the best payment type. Learn more about additional energy incentives.
  • Finalize Your Order
    To finalize your order, enter the account details to link to your current Tesla Account or create a new account, select your contact preference and enter the payment information.

How to Modify Your Order

Once your order has been submitted, you can instantly access your order details through your Tesla Account and complete your Virtual Home Assessment. Modifications to your order after it has been placed, such as increasing the system size or Powerwall quantity, can be requested within your Tesla Account via the 'Order Details' section. For changes to your finance type, simply make this request directly with your Project Advisor. Their direct information is available in your Tesla Account. If the modification request can be accommodated, Tesla will present you with an updated Price Sheet in your Tesla Account for your signature.