Energy Support

How to Order Powerwall

  • Step 1: Place an Order
    Order Powerwall online. If your address is in an area where Tesla installs directly, Tesla will bring the equipment and install at the same time. If your address is not in an area where Tesla installs directly, we will ship Powerwall and the supporting equipment directly to your installation address, and you will need to have your system installed by a Tesla Certified Installer.

    We recommend that you contact a Certified Installer to get an estimated cost of your Powerwall installation and approvals prior to placing an order.
  • Step 2: Sign Your Documents
    Sign in to your Tesla Account and sign your Price Sheet and any other required documents. Your Price Sheet will include your final hardware, delivery fee and any applicable taxes for your Powerwall system. 
  • Step 3: Submit Payment
    Tesla will initiate the shipment process once your payment has been received.
  • Step 4: Delivery Day
    Tesla recommends clearing a space in your garage to store the equipment. Your Certified Installer is responsible for permitting, installation, inspection and utility approvals for your Powerwall system.
  • Step 5: Download the Tesla App
    Once your system is installed, you can download the Tesla app to monitor your Powerwall and home energy use in real-time, anywhere.