Energy Support

What Tesla Installs at Your Home

Solar Roof mainly consists of Solar Roof tiles, flashings and Tesla Solar Inverter. We install high quality equipment that is backed by our manufacturer’s warranty to ensure you are getting the most out of your solar system.

If you live in an area where Tesla does not provide service and installation directly, find and contact a Certified Installer to purchase and install Solar Roof.

Solar Roof Tiles

Unlike a traditional roof and solar panel system, Solar Roof combines energy producing tiles and non-energy producing tiles that fit together seamlessly and are virtually indistinguishable. Solar Roof tiles are custom fit to every angle of your home and blend naturally for a seamless finish, even on homes with complicated angles or obstructions. The tiles are meticulously engineered with high quality materials to maintain performance and appearance over time.

Tesla Solar Inverter

Tesla Solar Inverter is a safe and efficient solar inverter that maximizes the amount of clean energy you can use to power your home. Tesla Solar Inverter contains sophisticated safety features such as integrated rapid shutdown, arc fault protection, ground fault protection and no neutral wires enabling a simple installation process.


All Solar Roof systems come bundled with Powerwall, allowing you to store clean energy produced by your Solar Roof for use at night, or during a power outage. Achieve more energy independence with our seamlessly integrated solar and Powerwall systems.