Energy Support

Solar Roof Warranty

Each Tesla Solar Roof is designed with high-quality materials and backed with specific product, weatherization and module warranties. If you are a Solar Roof owner, reference your limited warranty for complete details and any limitations or exclusions.

Product Warranty

Your Solar Roof will be free from defects in design and materials for 25 years from the date your Solar Roof is installed, except as otherwise provided in the Module Warranty below.

Weatherization Warranty

Your Solar Roof will remain in place and prevent damage to your home caused by the passage of wind and rain through your Solar Roof for 25 years from the date your Solar Roof is installed.

Module Warranty

The power capacity1 of your Solar Roof will be at least 95% of the “Rated Peak Power”2 specified on the Solar Roof data sheet (multiplied by the size of your Solar Roof) at 5 years after your Solar Roof is installed. The power output capacity will decline by no more that 0.5% per year for the following 20 years. This warranty covers the power your Solar Roof will produce under standard test conditions.

1Power output capacity refers to the ability of a Solar Roof module to produce power under Tesla’s standard test conditions. Tesla’s standard test conditions are Air Mass 1.5, Irradiance 1000W/m2, Module Temperature 25°C.

2The Solar Roof module’s “Rated Peak Power” may vary +/- 5% at time of manufacture.