Energy Support

Internet Connectivity

Connecting your Powerwall to the internet allows you to monitor your system with the Tesla app and receive free over-the-air software updates. We recommend configuring your Powerwall to as many supported internet connection types as possible, such as Wi-Fi, cellular and wired ethernet. By doing so, Powerwall will intelligently switch to the best available connection. If your system loses internet connectivity and requires a reset, follow the steps to troubleshoot your Powerwall.

Note: If Powerwall is not connected to the internet, it will continue to operate in the last operating mode set and provide backup power during an outage, but it will not provide remote monitoring via the Tesla app. Extended periods without an active internet connection will prevent software updates and may impact the product warranty.

Wi-Fi Connection

Wi-Fi is the easiest and most common type of internet connection. The Wi-Fi connection on your Powerwall system can be configured by your installer at the time of installation, or via the Tesla app at any time after installation. We strongly recommend connecting your Powerwall to Wi-Fi if available at your home.

Supported Standards

  • 802.11 b/g/n
  • 2.4GHz only for Gateway 1
  • 2.4GHz and 5GHz for Gateway 2

Not Supported

  • Captive portals
  • Enterprise security

If you experience Wi-Fi connection issues, check that your network signal has at least two bars when standing next to your Gateway 1 or 2. If your Wi-Fi signal is weak, consider using Wi-Fi extenders or powerline adapters, if they meet the supported standards of 10/100 Mpbs. 

Cellular Connection

When Powerwall is powered up for the first time and suitable cellular service is available, a cellular connection is established automatically. If no other internet connections are configured, cellular is intended to serve as the backup connection method.

Note: In early 2022, cellular service providers started phasing out 3G networks. Devices that rely solely on 3G will no longer be able to connect to internet. As a result, the first-generation Tesla Gateway or Gateway 1 will lose cellular connectivity. We recommend that your Powerwall is connected to internet via multiple methods, such as Wi-Fi or wired ethernet, before 3G service in your area is phased out.

Wired Ethernet Connection

A wired home network typically provides the best performance. Since it requires access to the electrical wiring area inside the Gateway 1 or 2, a wired ethernet connection must be set up by your installer. It can be added during the initial installation or at any time thereafter. We recommend connecting an ethernet cable to the Gateway 1 or 2 if possible at your home.

If routing an ethernet cable the full distance from your router to your Gateway 1 or 2 is not feasible, consider using Wi-Fi extenders or powerline adapters, if they meet the supported standards of 10/100 Mpbs.