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Solar and Energy Value

Installing Tesla solar and Powerwall can help save you money by lowering your energy consumption from the grid. The Tesla app can estimate savings from your solar system with the Solar Value impact card and from your Powerwall system with the Energy Value impact card.

With the Solar and Energy Value impact cards, you can view the amount of value generated on a single day, week, month or lifetime of the system, and you can customize the value calculation to be specific to the cost of energy in your area.

Solar Value Energy Value
An estimate of the value from installing solar An estimate of the money you didn’t have to pay your utility

For solar-only owners, or some Powerwall owners in CA with early access to Solar Value

For Powerwall Owners

Estimate based on your Solar production data, and Home and Grid usage, if available A 360º view of economics — the estimate uses all data available from your Solar generation and Powerwall, Home and Grid usage
  Maximize your savings at home with Time-Based Control

Solar and Energy Value Estimation

We estimate your Solar Value or Energy Value estimate based on the price of your grid energy. This is based on your rate plan or tariff, found on your utility bill. Follow the steps to add a utility rate plan to configure a rate plan for your system.

The Solar Value estimate is calculated from all energy data Tesla has available for your home in the selected period: Solar Production, and your Home and Grid usage. Solar Value is primarily influenced by your solar production, and — if available — your grid imports and exports throughout the day.

If you also have a Powerwall, the Energy Value estimation uses the same data as Solar Value, but also accounts for the value that your Powerwall earned by storing excess solar energy produced during off-peak hours and using it during the most expensive hours of the day, also known as load shifting.

Feature Availability

The Solar and Energy Value impact cards require the Tesla app version with version 4.2.0 or later. Additional utilities and regions will be added routinely.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar and Energy Value

How accurate is Solar Value and Energy Value?

While we expect these values to be fairly accurate, all values presented in the Tesla app are estimates, not guarantees. These values may vary from other calculations, such as those in your utility bill, for several reasons. These may include factors like aggregation, taxes and local fees, meter inaccuracies, data gaps, energy usage, non-bypassable charges, transmission or service fees, rounding, etc.

If I change my rate plan in the Tesla app, does that change my utility bill?

Changing your rate plan in the Tesla app does not change your rate plan with your utility. Contact your utility if you wish to switch to a new rate. Similarly, switching your rate plan with your utility does not automatically update the rate plan in your Tesla app. You may change rates in the Tesla app at any time.

Can I edit my rate plan to find additional savings with my utility?

You can edit your rate plan in-app to estimate potential value changes when you change your rate plan with your utility. Some utility rates available to select in-app may have additional qualifications that your utility requires, such as EV or medical rates. Please remember to return to your original settings afterward.

Does Powerwall support tiered rates?

Some rate plans use baseline or tiered rate elements. Tesla does not support rate plans with these elements at this time. As part of getting solar, your utility may have changed your rate plan from a fixed rate or tiered rate to a time-of-use rate plan — confirming your rate with your utility is recommended.

When will my Powerwall get support for rate plan features and Solar and Energy Value cards?

These features are being released on a routine basis as we monitor performance and make adjustments to improve accuracy. As with other software updates, availability of these app features may vary, with a phased user rollout.