Energy Support

Interactive Layout Experience

After your utility bill is uploaded and an initial layout is created, the Interactive Layout Experience will be available for eligible solar panel layouts in your Tesla Account.


  • The minimum system size eligible to use the Interactive Layout is 12 or more solar panels.
  • Each roof area must fit at least 2 or more solar panels in order to be selected.
  • Changes cannot fall below minimum system efficiency threshold.
  • Changes cannot exceed utility production caps.

How to use the Interactive Layout Experience

    For eligible solar panel layouts, select ‘Review’ under ‘Your System Design,’ then ‘Request a Layout Change’ to be taken to the Interactive Layout tool in your Tesla Account.

    • De-select a numbered roof area to remove solar (the roof area will turn red) or select a roof area to add solar (the roof area will populate with solar panels).
    • You can toggle between the layout and your roof's sunlight exposure and your energy consumption versus system production using the tab under the layout.
    • A notification will be sent once your redesign is ready for review in your Tesla Account.
    • You can request a layout change multiple times by restarting this process.