How does Backup work?

In the event of a utility power outage, the Backup Gateway immediately disconnects the home electrical system from the utility and restores power to the home. Whereas a traditional solar system typically shuts down during a grid outage to prevent any power from going back into the grid, because the Backup Gateway manages the grid connection, solar can continue to operate. Powerwall is able to coordinate its charge and discharge based on home usage and solar production, while curtailing solar production when necessary.

How does Self-Powered mode work?

In Self-Powered mode, Powerwall charges from the excess solar energy generated during the day, and discharges to power your home at night.

When solar is producing more power than the home is using, Powerwall captures and stores that energy. When the home is consuming more energy than solar is providing, Powerwall discharges enough energy to offset the home usage. If solar is producing more than Powerwall can store, or the home needs more than Powerwall can provide, the remainder is automatically exported or imported from the grid respectively.

How does Time-Based Control work?

Time-based control makes use of an energy forecast to optimize the operation of Powerwall.

The energy forecast learns the patterns of your home energy use and seasonal solar production to maximize the value of your energy. If you are forecast to buy high-cost energy, Powerwall prioritizes charging during low-cost times and discharging during high-cost times. 

How can I monitor Powerwall operation?

As long as your Powerwall is connected to the Internet, you will be able to use the Tesla mobile app to monitor your home energy system in real time and view your energy usage history. During a grid outage, Internet is often still available and you will be able to view Powerwall status. If the Internet connection is lost, Powerwall will continue to operate with its most recent settings but you will not be able to monitor operation or change settings until connectivity is restored.

Can Powerwall charge from the grid?

When Powerwall is installed without solar, it can charge from the grid to support backup operation.

When Powerwall is installed with solar, it is not currently able to charge from the grid. Powerwall installations on new and existing solar systems are designed to qualify for the Federal Investment Tax Credit, which requires 100% charging from solar. Powerwall installations must also comply with rules around grid charging which vary by utility.

Can Powerwall charge my Tesla vehicle or an EV?

Yes, Powerwall can provide stored solar energy to your EV through your home electrical panel. However, there is no direct connection between Powerwall and the EV wall connector.