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How to Install Backup Gateway 2

Backup Gateway 2 controls system operation, detects grid outages, disconnects a Powerwall system from the grid to enable backup power and functions as a site meter. It can be paired with either Powerwall 2 or Powerwall+. Backup Gateway 2 is compatible with 120/240V residential electrical systems up to 200 A and can be fed directly from the utility meter or from an existing main panel. It must be installed upstream of a Powerwall system, solar and any backed up loads. Backup Gateway 2 is designed for easy mounting and has multiple cable access holes on the sides, rear, top and bottom of the unit.

Find resources to learn about Backup Gateway 2 and its installation process.

You can rewatch the training videos below from the Tesla One app.

Backup Gateway 2 Overview

Learn more about the primary functions of Backup Gateway 2, including controlling connection to the grid, and energy management and monitoring for Solar Self-Consumption, Time-Based Control and Backup Reserve.

Additional Resources

Download the Backup Gateway 2 datasheet for the technical specifications.

Backup Gateway 2 Wiring

Learn step by step how to wire a Backup Gateway 2, including unboxing the Backup Gateway 2, prepping it for wiring and installing the system shutdown switch.

Additional Resources

Review and download the following resources including installation manuals for Powerwall 2 and Powerwall+ paired with Backup Gateway 2.