Energy Support

How to Install Backup Switch

Tesla Backup Switch is designed to simplify the installation of a Powerwall system and can be paired with Controller Powerwall+. Backup Switch is compatible with type 2S meter sockets, up to 200 A, and is installed between the utility meter and the customer's meter socket, placing it upstream of Powerwall+ and all home loads, hence providing whole home backup. Backup Switch allows installers to avoid modifying existing service conductors and electrical panels, avoiding the need for load relocation. Backup Switch also includes internal energy metering which provides power measurements required by the system to operate properly, and for system data to appear in the customer's Tesla app.

Find resources to learn about Backup Switch and its installation process.

Backup Switch Overview

Review and download the following resources including installation manuals for Powerwall+ paired with Backup Switch, and the Backup Switch datasheet.