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How to Install Powerwall+

Powerwall+ is a rechargeable home battery which includes an integrated Tesla Solar Inverter. Tesla Solar Inverter converts energy produced from the customer's solar panels to be used by the home or stored in Powerwall+ for later use. Powerwall+ can be paired with Backup Switch or Backup Gateway 2. Depending on local codes, Powerwall+ can be installed indoors or outdoors, wall-mounted or floor-mounted. Powerwall+ is divided into solar and battery assemblies which are connected through a factory-installed wiring harness. All additional wiring enters the solar assembly through one of the three cable access holes on the side of the enclosure.

Find resources to learn about Powerwall+ and its installation process.

Powerwall+ Overview

Learn about Powerwall+, including its design, key features and the primary benefits. View an overview of a complete Powerwall+ system and how the system can be configured for either whole home or partial home backup.

Additional Resources

Download the Powerwall+ datasheet for the technical specifications.

Powerwall+ Mounting

View how to find the optimal mounting location, install the wall bracket and mount Powerwall+. Powerwall+ is designed to be wall-mounted or floor-mounted, depending on local codes and the customer's preference.

Note: The step-by-step video focuses on floor mounting.

Additional Resources

For more information on Powerwall+ installation, refer to the installation manuals.

Powerwall+ Wiring

View how to wire Powerwall+ with Backup Switch, including how to safely terminate the AC and DC conductors, connect the communication wires and wire the system shutdown switch.

Additional Resources

For more information on Powerwall+ wiring, refer to the installation manuals.