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Arizona Public Service Residential Battery Pilot Overview

The residential battery pilot is designed to allow Arizona Public Service (APS) to study the performance of a battery system. The pilot pays incentives for participating in either the Data Only or Data and Battery Management options.

Option 1: Data Only

Customers who choose the Data Only option agree to share their battery system performance data with APS and are eligible for an incentive of $500 per installed kW of battery capacity, with a maximum incentive of $2,500 per home.

Option 2: Data and Battery Management

With the Data and Battery Management option, the customer agrees to give APS access to data associated with the battery system and share up to 80% of the battery system’s capacity for a maximum of 100 events a year. The customer is eligible for an incentive of $500 per installed kW (up to $2,500 per home) for installed battery capacity plus an additional $1,250, with a maximum incentive of $3,750 per home.

Both are a one-time, upfront incentive paid to customers when their battery systems are approved by APS for interconnection and receive Permission to Operate (PTO). The incentive will be paid within 4 weeks from receiving PTO. Customer is responsible for any income taxes that may apply related to amounts received under the Program. Learn more about the pilot, eligibility and incentives.