Combining Systems with Solar Panels

Tesla solar panels, like all Tesla energy products, are designed to integrate effortlessly into your home. Solar panels can be installed in combination with a range of other systems, giving you the flexibility to choose what systems fit your specific needs and circumstances.

Solar & Powerwall

Powerwall can be added to your home solar system – allowing you to use clean energy day and night, protect you against grid outages, and be fully self-powered 24 hours a day.

Learn more about Powerwall.

Solar & EV Charging

Solar energy is a clean and affordable source of energy for your electric vehicle. When energy is generated from your solar system, it will power all electrical loads in your home, including EV chargers.

The amount of energy needed to charge your car each day will depend on your driving habits. Tesla vehicles are the most efficient in the world – under normal conditions, you can drive 3 to 4 miles per kWh of energy.

Solar, Powerwall & EV Charging — The Tesla 'Ecosystem'

By combining all of Tesla’s energy products, you can generate, store and consume renewable energy with a self-powered home, and drive on sunshine. This energy independence will make the electric grid cleaner, more reliable and accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. 

Tesla’s energy products are designed to integrate seamlessly with each other; while each system will perform on their own, they are also complimentary to one another, providing additional value and features. All products receive free over-the air updates, providing new features and improved performance over time.

As a customer in the Tesla ecosystem, all products can be viewed and managed in one place from the Tesla app, allowing easy monitoring.

Adding New Solar to Existing Solar Systems 

We understand that you may already have a solar system and wish to increase your production to lower your utility bills further or to cover additional electric usage from an EV or other changes to your home. Rather than adding additional panels to your current system, it’s best to keep them independent. This ensures that each system will operate efficiently and maintain their respective warranties.

When adding a second solar system, please consider the following:

Utility Requirement

Adding a new solar system will require a new application to your utility. This can have an impact on your original system, so it’s recommended to confirm with your utility provider on the specifics.

System Ownership

To ensure there is no impact to your original system warranty with other providers, Tesla will install second systems where the customer has full ownership of the original system. If you are currently making payments on your original system, please discuss your options with Tesla advisor.