Solar Price Match Guarantee

In order to fulfill our promise of providing you with the lowest priced solar, Tesla is offering a price match guarantee. Join us in accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy, all while obtaining the lowest priced solar panels, within a fast and simple installation process.


Your proposal may be eligible for price matching if it is a:  

Similar System

The proposal must offer a system that includes an inverter, a minimum 10-year warranty and is the same or larger than the Tesla solar system you have ordered. 

Recent Quote

The quote must be dated within 14 days of order and represent the same financing option to be considered. It must also include permit and installation costs.

Matching Owner Details

The quote must contain the name and address used to order Tesla solar panels.

How to Take Advantage of Price Match Guarantee

  1. Place an order to compare prices
  2. Email Tesla with a copy of your competitive proposal:
    • To: 
    • Subject Line: Price Match Guarantee
    • Body: Reservation Number
    • Attach your competitive offer
  3. Tesla will compare your proposal to the price of our comparable system size and inform you of eligibility

*Competitor quotes will be received in good faith. Price matches are at the sole discretion of Tesla. Offer cannot be assigned to other customers. Offer valid until your scheduled installation date.

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