Getting Started

How long will it take before my solar system is installed?

The time it takes before installation varies per product, utility and region. To see your estimated timeline go to your Tesla Account.

Why is a permit needed for installation?

Most home improvement projects require a permit due to regional regulations.

Who needs to approve my system?

Approval may be required from your local or state agencies and your utility company.

Why do you need a copy of my electric bill?

We use the information on your electric bill to meet your home's energy needs. We also use the information to complete and process documentation on your behalf according to requirements of your utility and local or state agencies.

Does my HOA need to approve my system?

All Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) are different with some requiring approval prior to installation of your system. Please contact your HOA to confirm and advise Tesla of any documentation the architectural committee may need in order to approve your solar project. To find out more about your state’s solar access laws, go to the DSIRE website.

Can I change my design?

Yes. If you would like to re-arrange the placement of the solar panels on your roof or select a different system size, we can accommodate these changes.

Can I change my contract?

Yes. You can change your financial payment options up until installation begins. There may be different requirements within the limits of the newly requested payment type. Language contained in the contract, such as conditions, warranties, and guarantees, cannot be altered.

Can I use my system as soon as it’s installed?

Once your system is installed it needs to be inspected by the utility and/or state/local agencies. Once it passes inspection, the authorizing agency will grant permission to operate the system.

What if I remodel my home?

You should notify Tesla if you remodel your home at any time following installation of your system. We will then work with you to assess whether your solar panels need to be removed during the home improvement project. We have a team dedicated to working with you during this process, who will provide you with detailed information on the requirements needed to proceed.