Powerhub is an advanced monitoring and control platform for managing distributed energy resources, renewable power plants and microgrids. Powerhub is deployed and in use across Tesla’s fleet of over one gigawatt-hour of operating commercial sites. Customers ranging from facility managers to power plant operators use Powerhub to maximize operational efficiency, uptime and asset value. Powerhub covers all common elements of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and offers standard customizations to meet the operational needs of small, large and virtual power plants. Powerhub is part of Autonomous Control, Tesla's suite of optimization software solutions.

Integrated Product Ecosystem

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Powerhub provides a single interface for managing many combinations of energy assets including solar, storage and select non-Tesla assets (generators, breakers, transformers). Data for site meters, individual battery blocks, solar inverters and diesel generators provide the most comprehensive view of site information.

Fleet Management

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The Powerhub software platform was built with the flexibility required to meet a wide range of customer needs and project configurations. Powerhub automatically updates its views to reflect only relevant information from site to site. Additionally, Powerhub provides operational insights across large aggregations of systems. Performance metrics are available for monitoring critical parameters in real-time. Powerhub users can trend historical data and build custom reports that are most useful to their unique operation and easily export data for extended analysis.

Real-time Control

Powerhub enables operators to directly control power plants in real-time, either on-site or virtually, across large fleets. Depending on project requirements, Powerhub can be configured for issuing direct power commands from an on-site control room or if preferred, securely update operational parameters from a remote location. Operational parameters that can be configured remotely include:

  • Setting quiet hours for microgrid operation
  • Configuring preferred set points for frequency/watt control
  • Scheduling future dispatch for providing aggregate demand response

Aggregators can manage virtual power plant dispatch either directly from the Powerhub cloud user interface or by using Tesla’s Powerhub API. Telemetry can also be integrated into a third-party distributed energy resource management system (DERMS).

Actionable Performance Insights

Powerhub provides operators with system alerts and actionable insights that improve situational awareness and safe decision making. The active alerts dashboard extends beyond the energy storage system to cover the balance of plant subsystems including transformers, breakers and fire detection systems. For issues that fall outside of Tesla's service scope, Powerhub identifies issues and provides the user fast recommendations to troubleshoot and resolve issues.

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