How to turn on your solar panel system

Get energy monitoring up and running

The Tesla Gateway helps us provide 24/7 monitoring, ensuring your system is running smoothly. If your system encounters a problem, the gateway will alert us and we’ll contact you via email or through your account.

For your monitoring to run smoothly, you’ll need the following:

  • Gateway device
  • Continuous connection to the internet
  • Internet routes with open Ethernet port
  • AC power outlet
  • Activated Tesla account


Powering on the Gateway

1. Log on

Download the Tesla app on your smartphone.

2. Power on the Gateway

Using an AC outlet near your home router, plug in your SolarCity Gateways with the provided power supply. The power light on top will glow white.

3. Connect to your router

Connect the gateway to your home router using the included Ethernet cable.

4. Watch the lights

If you see a “WEAK SIGNAL” notification, try relocating the unit until the notification disappears. If other error notifications remain, contact us.

5. Watch in real time

Use the Tesla app to follow your energy production in realtime.


Power up your system

1. Locate your main electrical service panel

Usually, it’s mounted on an external wall. Find the breakers labeled SOLAR SYSTEM, PV, PHOTOVOLTAIC BACKFEED or SOLARCITY.

2. Flip the breakers ON

If you have a sub-panel, turn on these breakers as well.

3. Turn on your external disconnect

Some systems have external AC/DC disconnects. These external disconnects will be a gray box with black or red levers. If your system has one or both of these, then lift the levers up into the ON position. If your disconnect is on the roof, installers have already turned it ON. If you have more than one inverter, you may have a Load Center. The Load Center will be positioned between, to the left or under the inverters. It too is a gray box and will be labeled as Combiner Box. Inside are sets of breakers for each of your inverters, switch them to the ON position. To open the Load Center, first find a latch at the bottom. Pull the latch down then push on the door and slide down.

4. Turn on your inverter

We use several different models. Locate your inverter below:

Additional Tips

  • Once your system is up and running, avoid turning OFF the inverter except for emergencies or maintenance. In the case of a power outage, the green LED light on your inverter will continue to glow indicating that it’s running.

  • For more detailed instructions, you may download the complete Operations and Maintenance Guide.