Solar Roof complements your home's architecture while generating electricity with invisible solar cells.

Stunning Aesthetics

With Solar Roof, there is no aesthetic compromise. Solar Roof provides clean energy from the most beautiful roof ever.

Unmatched Durability

Solar Roof is made of extremely strong tempered glass and comes with an infinite glass warranty to last a lifetime.

Exceptional Insulation

With high quality insulating underlayment and integrated air gaps, which allow hot air to vent, your home will remain cool and comfortable.

Clean Energy Generation

Hidden solar cells within the tiles produce electricity and reduce your electric bill which helps pay for your roof over time.

Energy Independence with Powerwall

Combine Solar Roof with Powerwall to use solar energy at night, rely less on utility power and back up your home during a grid outage.


You can place your Solar Roof order by completing the Solar Roof order form and making a $1000 payment. You will be able to cancel via a link in your Tesla Account up until you approve your purchase agreement. If you cancel, refunds can take up to three weeks depending on your country of delivery.

Solar Roofs are available for all countries supported on the Tesla website. Once you place an order and it is available in your region, Solar Roof will be installed based on your order queue position. Tesla will take care of your entire Solar Roof experience, including initial design, removal of your existing roof, installation of your new Solar Roof, permitting and ongoing support.

While most Solar Roofs are installed on existing homes, you can also reach out to one of our Solar Roof specialists by requesting a callback if you're building a new home.


You may be able to finance your Solar Roof with a personal loan, a home improvement loan, a home equity line of credit or other second mortgage product. The 30% federal tax credit will apply to the cost of the solar portion of the roof as well as the cost of a Powerwall battery (only if installed with Solar Roof).