Solar Integration

Can I add a Powerwall to my existing solar system?

Yes, Powerwall can be integrated with your existing solar system. Powerwall is compatible with solar inverters from SMA, SolarEdge, Fronius, Enphase micro inverter, Delta and ABB. We continue to explore compatibility with other inverter companies.

During a power outage, can my solar recharge Powerwall?

Yes, Powerwall is able to keep a home solar system running during a power outage to recharge during extended outages. When more solar is being produced than can be used or stored, Powerwall is able to turn off the solar system and turn it back on when the energy can be used again.

How large a PV system can I connect with one Powerwall?

To ensure reliable operation during grid outages, at least one Powerwall is required for each 7.6 kW AC of solar included in the backup circuit.

Can Powerwall go off-grid?

If you are in a remote area without access to grid power, Powerwall and solar can offer an off-grid solution. This feature is not available to the market today but full off-grid capabilities are coming in the future. Please reserve a Powerwall and we will contact you once off-grid is available in your area.