Software Updates

Tesla Powerwall improves over time with regular over-the-air software updates. New functionality and improvements are added with updates to Powerwall firmware and to the Tesla mobile app.


October 2018

Version 1.25

Faster recharging when solar power is being produced while in Backup Only mode

September 2018

Version 1.24

Faster recharging in Backup-Only mode


Version 1.23

Powerwall will automatically perform preventative maintenance on its thermal control system. During this time, you may hear louder than usual noise from Powerwall for approximately 30 minutes

August 2018

Version 1.22

Storm Watch mode for selected regions. Powerwall automatically detects incoming
storms and stores energy (Requires Tesla App Version 3.4.3 or higher). Learn more in Special Modes of Operation

Powerwall customers participating in Grid Services programs now know when their systems are benefiting the grid and can track Grid Services energy and power usage
(Requires Tesla App Version 3.4.3) 

July 2018

Version 1.21

Added Monitoring from your Home Network to allow:

• Local monitoring of power flow and charge level

• Viewing system information

• Updating network settings

Improved power supply management with multi-Powerwall systems

Further reduction in network data usage

June 2018

Version 1.20

Updated installer login to Gateway

Further reduction in network data storage


Version 1.19

Added ability to update network connection when home Wi-Fi changes


Version 1.18

Minor fixes and improvements


Tesla App Version 3.4.1

Customize the site name (Solar or Powerwall)

Tap version number to get Release Notes

May 2018

Version 1.17

Added dynamic network management to use best internet connection type (Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Cellular)

Improved performance of Time-Based Control mode


Tesla App Version 3.3.6

Added performance metrics for Time-Based Control mode

March 2018

Version 1.16

Added support for additional utility grid connections in New York


Version 1.15

Minor fixes and improvements

February 2018

Version 1.14

Added Time-Based Control Mode for selected regions. If energy costs vary through the day, Powerwall can shift energy to maximize savings. (Requires Tesla App Version 3.3.4 or higher)


Version 1.13

Minor fixes and improvements

January 2018

Version 1.12

Reduced network data usage

Improved tolerance for grid power variations


Version 1.11

Added Preconditioning for improved performance at low temperatures. Learn more in Special Modes of Operation

Improved over-the-air update performance

November 2017

Version 1.10

Improved support for utility grid connections in Germany

October 2017

Version 1.9

Generator support with Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

Improved performance when charging from solar during outages

Added capability to reset Powerwall by toggling the Enable switch on the side of the unit (Backup systems only)

Added support for multiple Powerwalls at 3-phase sites

Improved support of off-grid and offline scenarios, adding support to Puerto Rico


Version 1.8

Not released; all enhancements moved to Version 1.9

September 2017

Version 1.7

Added support for utility grid connections in California and Hawaii

Added capability to register Powerwall after installation by visiting Powerwall Self-Registration

August 2017

Version 1.6

Minor fixes and improvements

July 2017

Version 1.5

Added support for utility grid connections in Germany and Italy


Version 1.4

Not released; all enhancements moved to 1.5

June 2017

Version 1.3

Improved efficiency at low power levels