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Tesla ConnectedSolutions Program

Earn cash from your Powerwall and create a cleaner, stronger grid

Application to enroll in ConnectedSolutions is currently open. The program details below are intended for customers who are already enrolled in ConnectedSolutions.

For eligible Powerwall owners, ConnectedSolutions is a program that links batteries across the state to create a large supply of sustainable energy — a virtual power plant — to be used during peak demand. The program applies to National Grid, Eversource and Cape Light Compact customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut or Rhode Island.

Earn hundreds of dollars each year by participating, and know you’re contributing to a cleaner, stronger grid — all with the same self-powered and emergency backup features of Powerwall.

By pairing Powerwall with solar, customers can unlock additional incentives in all three states. In some cases, these programs can significantly reduce the cost of solar and completely cover the cost of Powerwall.

Earn Money

Maximize the value of Powerwall and earn hundreds of dollars every year.

Create a Virtual Power Plant

Share your energy and reduce demand during peak times for a cleaner, stronger power grid.

24/7 Access

Enjoy reliable power and 24/7 access.

Earn Money

Maximize the value of Powerwall and earn hundreds of dollars every year.

Create a Virtual Power Plant

Share your energy and reduce demand during peak times for a cleaner, stronger power grid.

24/7 Access

Enjoy reliable power and 24/7 access.

Frequently Asked Questions About ConnectedSolutions

What is ConnectedSolutions?
ConnectedSolutions is a program that reduces overall electric use during periods of high energy demand using connected devices like Powerwall. Tesla is working with National Grid and Eversource to bring hundreds of Powerwalls together to create a virtual power plant to support the grid in a clean way.


Who is eligible?
Powerwall owners in National Grid's Massachusetts and Rhode Island territories or in Eversource's Massachusetts and Connecticut territories, or Cape Light Compact's Massachusetts territory.


Who could I contact with questions or if I want to apply?
If you already have a Tesla Project Advisor or a Powerwall Certified Installer, contact them.


What is the benefit of participating?
The program is designed to:

  • Earn value from your Powerwall
  • Increase grid stability
  • Reduce fossil fuels and support the transition to a renewables-based economy
  • All while maintaining your ability to draw energy from your Powerwall if you need it


How much can I expect to earn?
ConnectedSolutions is a performance-based program. Your payment will be based on your average power contribution during peak events. Tesla will manage your system for you to maximize your performance, but it will depend on your Powerwall system, and we don’t guarantee any dollar value.

The highest-earning Powerwall system will be one that is paired with enough solar generation to completely recharge the battery every day. These systems will be able to discharge the most capacity during events. If there is plenty of solar generation to recharge the batteries, then Powerwall could earn as much as $700 a year in MA and CT, and $1,000 a year in RI by participating in ConnectedSolutions.

Powerwall systems not paired with solar generation will not be allowed to export power to the grid, but will still be able to discharge to serve home load. This limitation will greatly reduce the earning potential, but if the home load during events averages 1kW, Powerwall can still earn as much as $200 a year in MA and CT, and $290 a year in RI.

Earnings during the first year will also depend on enrollment. You will get zero credit for events that happen before you enroll, which will reduce average performance.


How will Tesla and my Program Administrator use my Powerwall?
You can expect your Program Administrator to request power from your Powerwall for a few hours up to 60 days from June to September. During the hottest part of summer, you can expect an event almost every weekday. Tesla will charge the battery for best event performance and command the battery to discharge during the event. At all other times, you can choose how the battery behaves through your Tesla app.


How can I ensure that I’ll still have backup energy if I need it?

  • Severe storms: Storm Watch mode will be active 24/7/365 and will prioritize backup over participation in this program if a severe storm is forecast.
  • During program events: the Powerwall will always retain at least 20 percent of its capacity as backup during events. Of course, program events only make up 3% of the year.
  • All other times: You can set your backup preferences in your Tesla app.


When do I get paid?
Your performance will be calculated and approved by your Program Administrator at the end of each season, summer and winter.

Based on those calculations, Tesla will pay customers at the end of the year after receiving the funds from your Program Administrator. Customers must be enrolled in the program through the end of the season in order to be eligible for that season’s payment.


How do I contact the program?
For incentive application enrollment status change or inquiries, work with your Certified Installer.
For payment and unenrollment inquiries, contact


What should I expect after I submit the unenrollment request?
During demand response season (between June and September), unenrollment could take up to two weeks to complete. In the meantime, Powerwall might still participate in events during the processing period.

Beyond ConnectedSolutions, what other programs are Massachusetts and Rhode Island customers eligible for?
Solar systems are eligible for a federal tax credit that could refund up to 30% of the system cost. If Powerwall is paired with a solar system, it may also be eligible for this tax credit.

Massachusetts solar customers are eligible for the SMART Program. SMART includes additional incentives for Powerwall.

Massachusetts customers are eligible for the Heat loan. Make sure to indicate your interest in the application.


How much value can I generate by participating in these programs?
The value created by these programs will vary based on the size of the solar system and the number of Powerwalls.

For example, a Powerwall paired with an 8 kW solar system in Massachusetts could create almost $12,000 in value - $3,200 from the federal tax credit, $4,800 from the SMART storage incentive and $3,850 from ConnectedSolutions – more than enough to cover the Powerwall’s price.

These are just the values attributable to Powerwall – the solar component of a system will also create value through savings on your utility bill, the federal tax credit, SMART and Renewable Energy Growth programs.