Why Solar Panels

Home solar panels allow you to take control of your energy production sustainably while leveraging unused space on your roof. Tesla solar panels have a low-profile design with integrated front skirts and no visible mounting hardware.

By offsetting your yearly home energy usage, including Tesla car charging, you can expect the following benefits of going solar:


  • Take control of your energy production to experience energy independence. Harness the sun’s renewable energy and use it to power your home and appliances, instead of relying solely on your utility company.

Predictable Cost

  • Solar gives you greater control over your energy and the cost of your energy usage over time. Self-powered homeowners benefit over the long term by relying less on utility energy rates. By using the Tesla app with an integrated solar panel and Powerwall system, you can practice better energy conservation and lower your costs, especially in areas where utilities offer Net Energy Metering.

Dependable Electricity

  • Tesla Powerwall integrates with solar panels to store excess energy generated during the day, and makes it available when you need it – even during grid outages.


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