Can I try to make fixes or repairs to my solar panel system?

WARNING: Never attempt to fix or repair your solar panel system. Your solar panel system contains high voltage electric current and contact can result in burns, sparks and lethal shock. Do not disconnect wires, open electrical panels or modify/damage the equipment in any way. Contact Tesla Customer Support to perform repairs.

What should I do if my roof needs repairs after I've installed solar panels?

If you do need to make repairs on the roof for any reason, your solar panels may need to be removed and reinstalled. Please contact Tesla Customer Support if you want to start this process.

What should I do if my solar power system is damaged or not working properly?

Review your Warranty Agreement for details on coverage. Tesla will take care of covered system repairs for the entire length of the agreement.

What should I do if my solar panels have become shaded?

Shading on your solar panels will reduce electricity production. Keep trees or other tall plants trimmed to prevent shading on your system.

Cleaning Solar Panels

Solar panels can accumulate dust, pollen, leaves and bird droppings, which can limit sunlight absorption. Rain will help rinse panels clean, but we recommend additional methods for the drier summer to fall months of the year, which also tend to be the sunniest. Cleaning your solar panels ensures you maximize your energy production and savings, and also contributes to Tesla's mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.

How do I clean my solar panels?

We recommend cleaning the panels when the sky is overcast or the sun is low (morning/evening) as the panels can become hot under intense sunshine. You only need to rinse the glass cover of the panels. Do not clean the wiring underneath the panels.

  • Simply use a water hose from the ground to flush the panels as needed. Tesla does not recommend customers walking on their roof.
  • If you have excessive soiling, such as from bird droppings, you may wish to hire a local solar panel cleaning service.

Is it safe to spray the panels with water? Is there an electrical hazard?

Your panels are built to withstand rain storms, so spraying them with a hose should not pose a hazard. You should focus the water spray on the tops of the panels, never the wiring underneath.

How often should I clean my solar panels?

How often you clean the system depends on where you live. You may need to clean more often during the dry seasons when there is more dust and pollen in the air and fewer rain showers to rinse the panels clean. Nearby wildfires may also cause additional dust and ash buildup. Tesla recommends that solar panels be washed a minimum of once per year. It is recommended you start during the Spring season, in preparation for the sunniest months of the year.

How much time does it take to clean each panel?

This is dependent on how dirty your panels are. Typically, 5-30 seconds of water to each panel will be sufficient to wash them.

What should I do if I have ‘hard’ water that leaves residue on the solar panels?

We don’t see this very often but it can occur. If high residue is concerning, there are cleaning solutions that can be attached to your hose which can reduce the residue. You may also consider hiring a professional cleaning company to clean your solar panels.

Does Tesla recommend any cleaning companies?

If you have excessive soiling, such as from bird droppings, you may wish to hire a local solar panel cleaning service.  As cleaning the panels is part of the homeowner’s responsibility, Tesla is not able to assist with the process or cost of the cleaning.

Service Appointments

How long does the service appointment take?

We give a 2-hour window of arrival for our technicians. You can then expect a standard service appointment to be 2-3 hours long, but appointment duration depends on the work that needs to be done.

Am I able to get a sooner appointment?

When scheduling your service visit, you will have the option to mark yourself as flexible, and should a sooner date open up, we will contact you and offer the soonest available date.