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Get Solar and Powerwall in Texas

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Power your way to real independence with Tesla from extreme weather and high utility prices in Texas.

Why Go Solar in Texas

Rising Utility Prices and Frequent Power Outages

With excessive heat domes every summer and intense freezes every winter, Texans have seen increases in energy bills and power outages the last several years.

Between 2017 to 2022, Texans experienced a 17% increase in utility prices and recurring price spikes in utility costs. Texas has focused on bringing stability to the grid to prepare since the aftermath of Winter Storm Uri in February 2021, which caused 69% of Texans to be without power for an average of 42 hours, 31 of those consecutive hours and utility prices also skyrocketed to $9 per kilowatt-hour.

What Tesla Offers in Texas

Bring stability to your home in Texas with Tesla. You can prepare for planned and unplanned outages caused by extreme weather. Our products are built to withstand the elements and designed to give you the self-reliance you need.

Solution to Power Outages

With over 450 hail storms in 2022 alone, Texans know the cost of severe weather.

Powerwall, a home battery, stores energy from solar or the grid for energy independence. Paired with a solar system, Powerwall will recharge when the sun is out for uninterrupted power during outages. In February 2023, Powerwall helped 3,700+ Texas solar customers avoid an outage during the winter storm. When Storm Watch is triggered by a severe weather alert, Powerwall charges to maximum capacity for optimal outage protection and you will be notified by the Tesla app. By going solar with Tesla, you can monitor your solar system’s performance and production from the Tesla app.

Three times stronger than standard roofing tiles, Solar Roof powers your home for decades to come and complements your home’s natural styling. In April 2021, baseball-sized hail in Wichita Falls caused no significant damage to Solar Roof. Solar panels that are sleek and low profile with concealed edges can be installed on top of your existing roof.

Tesla Electric

Tesla Electric is a retail electricity provider that enables Texans to power their homes, vehicles and communities with sustainable electricity from Tesla produced right in Texas. On June 22, 2023 alone, Tesla Electric Powerwall owners earned $62 on average in credits on their bills by supporting the grid when prices spiked to $5/kWh due to the heat dome event.

For Powerwall owners, with Tesla Electric, you will earn back credits on your electricity bill while supporting your community at the same time. You can maximize the value of your Powerwall system by sharing your energy with the grid. Your Powerwall decides when to charge and when to sell electricity back to the grid. Qualifying Powerwall owners can earn an additional $10 for each Powerwall on their monthly bill by participating in Tesla Electric's Virtual Power Plant.

For Tesla vehicle owners, Tesla Electric offers a home electricity plan. The Tesla Electric Home Charging Plan allows you to enjoy unlimited overnight vehicle charging for a low fixed monthly fee.

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Find Incentives

There may be federal and local incentives depending on where you are located.

Federal Incentives

The following federal income tax credits are available to anyone who purchases a solar system including solar panels and Solar Roof. Powerwall paired with solar systems are considered qualified expenditures eligible for the tax credit. As of 2023, Powerwall qualifies for the Investment Tax Credit regardless of source of power.

Residential Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Solar + Powerwall Residential Federal Investment Tax Credit Standalone Powerwall Residential Federal Investment Tax Credit For Systems Receiving Permission to Operate in
26% 0% 2021
30% 0% 2022
30% 30% 2023-2032
26% 26% 2033
22% 22% 2034
0% 0% 2035

State Incentives

View and find local incentives in your area. For the most up-to-date information, review the sponsoring entity’s website directly for details on eligibility, redemption and program details.

  • Tesla is installing Tesla Backup Switch in Austin Energy (City of Austin) territory and is currently offering all customers in this service territory a $500 discount on any new Powerwall plus solar installation.
  • Tesla is installing Tesla Backup Switch in Bluebonnet Electric Coop (BB) territory and is currently offering all customers in this service territory a $500 discount on any new Powerwall plus solar installation.
  • Additional utilities offering rebates: Garland Power & LightSunset ValleyGuadalupe Valley Electric.

Get Additional Support

If you are interested in learning about Tesla energy products for your home, visit a Tesla gallery or schedule a virtual consultation with a Tesla Advisor.